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 How To Setup Your Xampp Control Panel [NonNoobFriendly] (Links To Pics)

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PostSubject: How To Setup Your Xampp Control Panel [NonNoobFriendly] (Links To Pics)   Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:29 pm

Okay guys, I'm here to tell you a quick tutorial how to Setup Your Xampp Control Panel... Well to get you started go and download the latest version of Xampp ( 1.8.0 )

Now, a window should come up, 1st , Choose Your Language, Then Click "OK". Now a new window should come up the background should be orange and a main window should come up too. Click Next , and basically go through the wizard process. Once you have finished the installation, It should open the control Panel Now Click Start For The Apache and The Mysql Buttons. I know the newer version is different from version from the others but I think I would just do a tutorial on the newer version. So, If One Of Your Buttons Are not starting such as your apache. Then thats means you have the main program open ( Skype ) , If So Please Close That Out.. That is usually the main problem.

Anyway I hope this tutorial helped you..

If You have any problems or concerns please post below..

Thanks Cool
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PostSubject: Moved   Thu Jul 26, 2012 4:15 am

Topic Moved
No tutorials are allowed in the Quality Tutorial section as of now, unless put by staff, or moved.

'Til I Die
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How To Setup Your Xampp Control Panel [NonNoobFriendly] (Links To Pics)
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