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 How to set-up thehabbos api (RevCMS)

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PostSubject: How to set-up thehabbos api (RevCMS)   Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:13 am

Well, ever wanted to get something where you, and your users can vote in-client? Well here is just the place. I will be explaining the deep tutorial into this, which means It is noob friendly and very detailed.

First of all create an account at;

Next go into thehabbos_api > config.php > Open with notepad ++

Find this:

$CONFIG['Username'] = 'TheHabbos Username'; //thehabbos topsites username
$CONFIG['URL']      = ''; //the location to the file api.php on your website (i.e.
$CONFIG['Type']    = 'client'; //current options: other or client (thehabbos_api/types)
$CONFIG['Style']    = 'Habbo Sleek'; //don't change this unless you have created your own style (thehabbos_api/styles)
$CONFIG['Credits']  = '1000'; //you can use this if you are using a specific type above - your users will be rewarded this many credits for voting

Edit to [url]/api.php, edit the rest, save it.

Now go into;
Types > Client.php > Open with notepad ++
Now say : ctrl + h ,
first box : client.php
second box: client

That will fix that part, but wait! your not done!

Go back and find > Class.validate > Open with notepad ++

Say CTRL + H Again
First box: if($CONFIG['Curl_Enabled']) {
Second box: if($CONFIG['Curl_Disabled']) {

And your done! Try your client.

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How to set-up thehabbos api (RevCMS)
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